Work Hard, Play Harder


Over Valentine’s Day weekend, the ladies of SirenClaire, Emilea, Joanna and I – along with many other improvisers from all over traveled to Chapel Hill for the North Carolina Comedy Arts Festival. (Original news post) We watched shows, met and hung out with other improvisers, and performed that Saturday. We had a solid show, but…it didn’t feel like our best work. And I felt kinda wonky about it afterwards.

Later that night, I was talking to another improviser – Ben Rameaka – who had some good insight. He pointed out “you don’t go to festivals to do good shows; there are so many factors that can throw off your game – traveling, new spaces, unfamiliar audiences. You go to have a great time with your team.” And I can guarantee that Siren had a GREAT time: flying down to North Cackalacky, eating great food, dancing at the after-party, (the impromptu after-AFTER-party), staying up super late in the hotel and NOT getting a single complaint – we had so much fun! In addition to hanging out with my awesome team, I also got to know the improv community better. Lots of people from NYC were there so I hung out with old friends and met some new ones.


As the wise and beautiful Emilea put it, this trip was a vacation for us to spend time with each other AND we happened to do and see some improv. So work hard and play harder with people you love. I deeply appreciate the trip and time we spent together – we’re already talking about when our next shows, sketches, AND getaway will be. =)


Holstee Manifesto

A card with the Holstee Manifesto


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