Final Dress

Tonight is our final dress for 4000 Miles. We’ll have a small audience of about 50-60 people and photos/video taken for publicity. I’m so excited. And nervous. And sad that the rehearsal process is coming to an end.

Acting is transient. Life is transient. And I’m trying to soak it all in at once. I wish I could bottle up this moment of being on the edge of revealing our work – it’s so sweet and piercing – but I can’t. I can only enjoy it right now. I suppose that’s all one can do at any point in life. Two and a half hours until places are called for the top of the show.

It’s late afternoon and the sun is still bright on the white snow. It’s beautiful and fleeting but I won’t be afraid of time moving forward. I am open. I am ready. I am here.


Peruvian lilies in Cincy

Peruvian lilies in Cincy


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