Life in Cincinnati

Okay, kids, we’re going into tech for 4000 Miles. Tech is the part of the rehearsal process after we’ve blocked and rehearsed the scenes and add all of the technical aspects of the show: the lights, sound cues and music, costumes (with quick-changes!), props, and of course, the set, which is the Greenwich Village apartment of a 91-year-old. And there’s the “skype” scene with LIVE internet communication! Pretty sweet, right? I actually haven’t been in yet since I’m not in the first half of the show, but I am so excited! I had a fitting yesterday and…I will definitely win for the number of accessories. I might get some colorful hair extensions for myself after seeing what my character Amanda gets to wear!

But first, I want to tell you about Cincinnati and how the first month (of two) has been for me! Basically, everything is great – the people, the show, and the lovely Queen City! I had some FOMO (fear of missing out) about leaving New York, potential gigs, and my community there, but it’s been really nice to have this time for myself. And my roommate Iggy, who only pooped twice in his carrier on the way over.

CLYBOURNE PARK's Michael Place with cast members from 4000 MILES: Robbie, Adina, & me

CLYBOURNE PARK‘s Michael Place with cast members from 4000 MILES: Robbie, Adina, & me

I really love everyone I’m working with from the Playhouse staff and interns to guest artists, like the designers and my supercool cast mates Robbie, Adina, and the amazing Rosemary, who has her own wikipedia page! I really enjoy getting to know new people on a rather personal level in a short amount of time, especially when they are as good people as this bunch! We’ve been hanging out by watching award shows and movies, making grocery runs and trips to the gym. And we’re all from New York City, so we can hang out back in NYC too!

The show, aka rehearsal, is going super well. I’ve missed exploring and really digging into scenes, and our director Blake (also the Artistic Director of Cincy Playhouse) is so awesome to work with. I’d do it again any day! We were actually kind of ahead of schedule in the rehearsal process because Robbie and Rosemary (who have the most lines) were basically off-book (memorized) as soon as we got up on our feet. That definitely made me get the pages for my two little scenes out of my hands as soon as possible! Everyone being off-book so early allowed a lot more time to play around which is such a luxury. And I’m still discovering new stuff about my characters and moments – that’s the really great thing about being in a play (vs. putting something on film): you get more chances to do the scene over a much longer period of time.

As far as being away from New York, it’s been relaxing and rather productive! Since I don’t know many people or places to go, I have less distractions (except for HGTV – I LOVE the Property Brothers) and have been able to schedule engineering work and regular exercise more easily. I’m also eating better and buying more groceries instead of eating out. Baked sweet potatoes with a little spicy brown mustard and plain greek yogurt with a spoon of blueberry preserves and cinnamon are my new favorites! The actor housing here is really nice; I’m in a spacious 1-bedroom apartment on Elsinore Place (check out the theatrical history of Elsinore Arch down the street!) and I love having this much room without all of my distracting stuff. I’ve learned how much I can live without being here and see a major de-cluttering project when I get back to NYC.

My dad was also sweet enough to bring my car down so I have the mobility to explore the city! Cincinnati is very hilly and has a lot of really beautiful houses and buildings here. They’re functional with elegant design elements, and you can tell they were built to last. (And they need to in order to survive these winters! There has been so much snow!) One of my favorite things about exploring has been the food – there’s a LOT of good food here, like barbecue ribs and Graeter’s ice cream sundaes. Good thing I eat at home a lot otherwise! And I really like thinking about what it’d be like to live here more permanently. I’ve met a few new friends through OTRimprov’s monthly open jam and have also reconnected with some old friends who live in the area. I love it and can only expect that to happen more when the show opens and more people check it out!

And in case you need tickets: Amy Herzog’s 4000 Miles at Cincy Playhouse!

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