Staying Healthy with NerdFitness

As an actor, it’s important to be in good physical health to act your best. As a human being, it also just FEELS GOOD to be happy with your tangible self, aka your AMAZING body!

That’s why I LOVE this website NerdFitness; it has a TON of great resources to help you get fit and stay healthy, whether you want to successfully implement good habits, lose fat and build muscle, or level up your life in some other way (like taking a trip around the world for $418)! Seriously, this site has so much great stuff: inspirational stories of NerdFitness “rebels” (see below!), workouts with how-to videos, recipes, and much more!

Steve staying in shape while traveling in Peru

And the information is free! I subscribe to Steve Kamb’s blog to have emails sent straight to my inbox about once a week. I may not always be interested in the post (I don’t see myself doing parkour or eating a strict Paleo diet – did you see my last post about dessert?!) but I really like Steve’s writing style (“nerd“-centric!) and perspective (check out his bio and “rules of the rebellion“) and how many resources are readily available (Free Resources!).

My favorite posts include these three inspirational stories:

Saint – from 60 pounds overweight to 6-pack abs

These workouts:

Here’s Staci – a powerlifting hero

And these other random posts:

And if you find posts you like, feel free to share them in the comments below. There’s so much to read and I do love a good recommendation! Happy exploring!

Once again, Joe who lost 128 pounds in 10 months!

All photos from NerdFitness!