Keeping the Faith During the Slump

Sometimes Life just gets ya...

Sometimes Life just gets ya…
Paris, 2011

So I’ve been feeling down about auditions lately, either they go terribly OR were great but nothing comes of them. Intellectually, I know that casting directors are considering me since I keep getting called in (they wouldn’t waste their time). And I remind myself it’s probably someone else’s turn to book or I just haven’t been right for the roles…but after a while, it can be tough not to take the rejection personally.

I keep busy with other projects (like starting a blog!) but find myself going through the motions instead of actually being happy and excited about my career. It’s not a life and death situation but also not that fun either.

Anyway, a horoscope app just gave me a boost. I was waiting for the subway on Sunday and opened Mark Binshtok’s DailyHoroscope to pass the time. I don’t take astrology too seriously – it’s entertainment not research – but I really liked the day’s passage. In fact, both yesterday’s and today’s could be really encouraging to anyone who’s frustrated with a big goal or project, not just fellow Cancerians.

So here they are: little reminders that we can choose to be burdened with stress and worry about tomorrow or to keep the faith and believe that things can turn around soon.

Sunday, June 2, 2013

What if everything you have been worried about for the last few weeks or months turns out to be just fine? What if all that hand-wringing and nervous pacing and all those sleepless nights turn out to be a waste of time? You made such a big investment in emotional devastation, and you could wind up having nothing to show for it. No terrible outcome. No sadness. No fear. You have a choice, Moonchild, you can let go of the big burden you are carrying and choose not to think the worst and to worry as you have been. Or you can keep up the status quo and drive yourself crazy. But if you do, in the end, it will be a lot of suffering for no reason at all.

Monday, June 3, 2013

Progress doesn’t always happen quickly, Moonchild. But just because you aren’t seeing obvious progress with a treasured endeavor doesn’t mean it isn’t happening. A goal is unfolding. A process is evolving. You have chipped away at an aspiration for a long time. At various points you have had to chip very slowly, because you were so overwhelmed with other things, including simple survival. But your time is coming – make no mistake about that. Don’t lose hope, and don’t stop trying. Whether you can see it or not, you are almost there.

Photo by Austin D. Oie

Remember: slumps end and good times are straight ahead! Photo by Austin D. Oie